Make the video short

Nobody loves watching long videos most likely when they are not movies; do not worry about your looks in the video. You need to remember to trim the video or not shooting the whole song. You need to make sure that the length does not exceed one minute. With a seamless edit, it is possible to choose the length of your video. You just need to pick the music and choose the song you would like to lip sync. The scissors icon will help in cutting the length of the song to be shorter. It is possible to choose the starting and ending point of the song.

The timing of the song

You probably know that there is a time for making the video very popular. It is possible to see it but users of musically are always on from 11.00am to 5.00pm you need to make sure that you place two videos on a daily basis. This is a very fun way of getting followers on musically daily.

There is the probability that you do not want to go through the above-mentioned steps. You may choose to download this app so that you may get followers instantly. You will not pay anything for these followers. You just have to type the username and device you are using. Choose the number of followers and likes you want. Confirm and then complete the verification process. This app does not require running another app, there will be no ads, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android. It all ends with you as you have to trust the tool as it will not charge you for the services. Be wary of fake services that will not help you and leave you with no money.   cannot+�^]��